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We love UK

Our new Mercedes Sprinter is branded in UK style.


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As UK specialists, we could not miss the opportunity to have our new Mercedes Sprinter branded in UK style.
While others already give up, we accept the challenge of Brexit since the beginning of the year: Especially our UK-Dispo, our customs department and our UK office in London did prepare well and we now clearly benefits from the already existing, long lasting experience with import and export shipments to and from third countries.
Despite the increased workload due to the new requirements and processes, the daily UK traffic is largely stable, with daily departures in LTL and FTL. Among other things, all drivers must take a COVID test and timely pre-announcement must be made at the Eurotunnel. However, the new processes still need to settle in. In particular, the English customs systems need to gain stability, as this is where most of the delays occur.