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Fuel surcharge

In order to be able to cushion the fluctuations in the price of diesel fuel, we also work with a fuel surcharge or discount.
Our fuel surcharge is based on the average price for diesel fuel of the previous calendar month.


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Previous month

FS: 10%

Ø: 1.722 €


FS: 10%

Ø: 1.727 €


FS: 8%

Ø: 1.665 €


Our diesel floater is based on the last month’s average diesel price. This value is provided by the market transparency unit for fuel from the German Federal Cartel Office.
Based on those daily published data, the monthly average price for the diesel fuel is calculated, being the basis for our Fuel Surcharge/Discount. Data will be used from first day of month to the penultimate working day of each period.
This Diesel-Floater becomes effective on the First of the following month.

Corresponding to the above explained average, the following matrix for the Diesel Floater can be applied:

Tabelle Dieselfloater ENG

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