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Our goal is to work as environmentally friendly as possible in all areas. Taking this into account, we have taken the following measures to protect our environment.


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  • Only the most modern vehicles, meeting the strictest regulations, do become part of our fleet. Thus, our motor pool consits of the latest models of its kind. Hence, the average age of our cars is around two years.

    Also, e-mobility becomes a more and more important part of automotive development. Even though this technology does not suit every single operation purpose, we do count an increasing amount of BEV and PHEV-vans and cars in our fleet.

    Where this technology does not (yet) make sense, we do have to rely on well-proven combustion engines: To reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet, only the most modern Diesel engines with emission reducing measures (such as Ad blue) are in use.

  • By using low-friction tires and motor oils on our trucks, we reduce annual fuel consumption by about 9%.

    A benefit for everybody: Less emissions and more efficiency.

  • A fuel-saving driving style can save between 10 and 12 % in fuel costs per year.

  • By using state-of-the-art software, an optimised route planning is the key to an intelligent minimum of distances to drive.

    As a result, the environmental impact is noticeably reduced, as significantly less fuel is consumed and thus fewer emissions are produced.

  • Who wants to move, needs energy. What is essential for our trucks, but applies to our offices as well. To reduce the carbon footprint here as well, we do produce our own green solar energy since 2019.

    Thus, we could produce a 100% of our energy needed in the Frankfurt headquarters by ourselves.

  • To keep the amount of waste at a minimum, we save as much as possible on packaging materials. Cardboard packaging and other valuable raw materials are also reused where possible.


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